Weight Loss with Diet Pizza

It’s original Neapolitan cuisine, but has spread across the globe. Pizza is an appellation of origin itself of the European Union called Traditional Speciality Guaranteed.

History of Pizza

The most accepted origin comes from ancient Rome, where he used to make bread in a circular motion and then cooked, cut into portions and in the current pizzas, then you may infer that the origin of the pizza is due to the added ingredients extra on this type of bread as cheese.
The truth is that modern pizza as currently understood, ie as a sum of up to the seventeenth century.

Specifically in the city of Naples, where the first references are documentaries on the origins of the food prepared.
It is said that at the time of King Ferdinand I (1751-1825) the Queen had forbidden the pizza in court. But Fernando, who was fascinated fun dressing up as a commoner order to visit a slum hidden from Naples where he was preparing this meal. Eventually he confessed his taste and pizza became a great success in Italy.

Here the diet of pizza

A very special diet can lose weight eating pizza and pasta. Ideal for the weekend, indicated only for healthy people who are dieting and want to lose 2 pounds in 2 days.

All recommendations are for 2 days. Do not repeat the diet without medical supervision.

Fasting take orange juice or grapefruit juice (grapefruit)

Then do 10 minutes of exercise (recommended, not required).

Breakfast and Snacks

Tea, coffee or other infusion.
Two slices of toasted bread with cheese or jam diet diet. You can replace a snack bread with a yogurt diet.

Lunch and dinner are interchangeable.
Drink at least 2 liters of fresh water per day. Do not drink while eating.


Vegetable broth
Two servings of tomato pizza with vegetables (we recommend eggplant, mushrooms, spinach and / or onion)
A baked apple

Eggplant, cut lengthwise into very thin slices on the pizza. Two parts, representing a quarter of a large pizza.


Vegetable stock
A small portion of noodles (spaghetti) with Philetus (tomato sauce)
An orange (preferably separate food 1 hour)

The combination of foods is the key why eating pizza and pasta you lose weight. This diet does not give the desired results in people who are doing low-calorie diets, or depend on a diet, because in these cases is affected metabolism.

Who needs to lose more weight, we recommend consulting with your doctor and have many tests available that can help you achieve your goals.
It is convenient while doing this diet, walking (walking) 60 minutes a day, continuously.

Rioplatense local cuisine

The pizza has taken “citizenship” in the River Plate area and then most of the Southern Cone, as a result of the great stream of migration from Italy hosted the region in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It brought with carryover of cultural and culinary customs.
In Argentina there are three types of dough, “the stone” (thin and crispy), “mold” (very leavened, up to 2 cm in height) and the “average mass “, which is sold in supermarkets and free of sodium, to be completed at home with ingredients to suit the consumer.

Among the variety of pizzas typical of the country include the “fugazzeta” which would be a fugazza (word derived from “fugassa” is, in Genoese focaccia) with cheese “mozzarella,” as is referred to locally-and sliced mozzarella onion. In the city of Rosario, in recent years has developed a local variety: grilled pizza, instead of having a round shape is rectangular.

This pizza is cooked in typical Argentinian barbecue where the roast is done, what gives a particular flavor. May also be mentioned among others the pizza by the meter, the court pizza (only with tomato sauce, no cheese), the pizza pan, the aforementioned pizza stone, pizza with palmettos, and so on.

It is common in Argentina that the triangular portions of pizza are consumed along with a portion of fainá and there is a traditional combination: “moscato, pizza and fainá ‘, ie the slice of pizza and the portion of fainá accompanied by the sweet moscato wine. Uruguay is also common in the consumption of “Pizza a horse”, in which over a slice of pizza-court sets a more or less the same size fainá.

Overall, the pizza in Argentina is more like the calzone, the preparations being preferred by the Argentine pizza with cheese, tomato, ham, olives and peppers and sprinkled with olive oil, although the most widespread pizza at cost and preparation – is made with a tomato sauce covered on this cheese (mozzarella or alternatively a soft cheese), some green olives and a marinade consisting of oregano, paprika, pepper, etc. .. A pizza cheaper but less fugazza requested is prepared with onion or just onion and tomato sauce.

In the city of Cordoba, Argentina, there is the first museum of the world’s Pizza. Argentina also held the week of the pizza and pie, as it is a dish that is never lacking in the Argentine menu, typical for home delivery
pizza del Rio de la Plata is popular for the mainstream of Italian immigration (even more than in the U.S.), these retained their usual pastas and pizzas prepared in a family or a pizza for two or three people (by size) and also the pasta for the family reunion on Sunday, the gnocchi on day 29 with the tradition of leaving money under the plate. You can also find places where you pay one low price to eat all types of pizza without limits, this is called free pizza.