The Diet of Fibres

Well known for its low calorie , fibrous foods like celery, leafy greens, vegetables, apples, also have other important benefits for weight control. Require more time to chew properly and are evacuated from the stomach more slowly, which helps control hunger pangs.

This plan will allow us to eat rich during the winter, while at the same time, control cholesterol and down a few pounds extra.

Are there foods that are both light and rich, and protect us from cancer and high cholesterol, as we help take away those pesky extra kilos? We have great news: the answer is yes. These are the dishes made with foods rich in vegetable fibers. What transforms these fibers so beneficial to our health and beauty? It’s simple, fiber is an important part of vegetables, legumes and fruits, but the human body does not absorb. By contrast, the fibers, which are divided into soluble and insoluble basic function help remove debris. So what better to replace the omelette a tortilla spinach flan or a fresh fruit salad? Although it seems a sacrifice, you are sure worth the effort, which, as you can quickly check-not just because fiber-rich foods have the advantage of producing satiety eating small portions, due to high water absorption they possess. To control the concentration of cholesterol and blood sugar, it is ideal to consume oat bran, rolled oats and legumes, they are part of the soluble fibers. Wheat bran, cereals and breads, along with the skins and stems of vegetables and fruits are rich in insoluble fibers. In addition, most fiber-rich foods are low in fat, making them ideal to be consumed when you want to lose weight (see table of calories). To take into account: they should not join this diet supplements fiber-counter without a doctor’s approval. Should also be ruled self-medication of laxatives because in many cases alter the normal functioning of the intestine. Once in the stomach and intestine, the fibers swell. For this process to happen properly is necessary to ingest plenty of fluids. We give all the information you need to make this plan, which has several daily meals. This diet is for healthy adult women not suffering from health problems and who wish to shed some kilos. To carry it out, as with any other diet, it is necessary the doctor’s advice. And now, to choose the favorite dish! Good luck!

Pudding and broccoli cheese
(4 servings)

Ingredients: 2 slices of wheat bread, 1 cup of skim milk, skim ricotta 300 g, 3 green onions, 1 egg, 500 g of broccoli, 3 whites, 1 tsp. leavening powder, salt, pepper and parsley to taste.

Preparation: Soak the bread of bran in skim milk, season with salt and pepper. Add the ricotta, chopped green onions, parsley and egg. Add the cooked chopped broccoli and finally, the egg whites until stiff with dust leavening. Place cake in 1 pan, oiled and cook in moderate oven for 20 to 25 minutes.

Pudding multicolored
(4 servings)

Ingredients: 1/2 kilo of beets, 3 eggs, 2 onions, 60 g of grated cheese, 1 cup cooked brown rice, 200 g of skim ricotta, 1 pepper, 2 bunches of spinach, 30 g Roquefort cheese, 1 onion , salt and pepper to taste.

Preparation: Mix grated beets with 1 beaten egg, 1 onion and half the grated cheese, salt and pepper. Separately, mix the cup cooked brown rice with half skim ricotta, the remaining grated cheese, chopped red pepper, 1 egg and grated onion, salt and pepper. Finally, mix the chopped spinach cooked with Roquefort cheese, the remaining ricotta, grated 1 onion, 1 beaten egg, salt and pepper. Grease and flour a pudding basin and place the mixture on each other. Cook in moderate oven bath until firm. Let cool and then unmold.

Dietary cake
(10 servings)

Ingredients: 6 slices of bread, 400 g of skim ricotta cheese, 3 eggs, vanilla extract, 50 g of bran sticks, artificial sweetener, 30 g seedless raisins, 1/2 liter of diet gelatin and salt.

Preparation: Upholstering a rectangular mold with the slices of bread toasted and previously peeled. Mix skim ricotta with the egg yolks, vanilla essence, saved the sticks, artificial sweetener, raisins and add finally the egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt. Pour over bread and bake at medium heat for 20 to 25 minutes. Cool and cover with prepared gelatin diet. Allow to set and keep in refrigerator until ready to serve.

Meatloaf and cabbage
(for 6 servings)

Ingredients: 2 onions, 1 tbsp. oil, 2 cloves garlic, 1 bay leaf, chili pepper, 1 green pepper, 3/4 kilo of lean ground beef, broth in quantity, 1/2 kilo of cabbage, 30 g of cornstarch, 1/2 liter skim milk, 30 g cheese machine, salt, pepper, red pepper and paprika to taste.

Preparation: Fry the chopped onions with a tablespoon of oil, along with the garlic and add the bay leaf, pepper and aii julienned green pepper. Cook for a few minutes and add lean ground beef, adding broth during cooking to prevent drying. Season with salt, pepper, red pepper and paprika. Cut the cabbage into thin strips and mix with the meat. Place this mixture in a glass dish previously greased baking. Prepare a white sauce, cornstarch desliendo in skim milk and cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Season with salt and pepper and chopped cheese machine. Pour over meat mixture and bake in moderate oven 45 minutes.

Protect yourself against colon cancer by eating leafy vegetables and prepared in the form of puddings and cakes. Learn how to choose foods that help to detoxify and stay away from diseases during cold days.

Adapt your body to change

The ideal amount of recommended fiber intake is 30 g daily. If we are not accustomed to eating these foods should be incorporated little by little, they may cause diarrhea. In these cases the consumer will be increased progressively, beginning with squash, carrots, beets, hearts of palm, artichoke hearts, eggplant, asparagus and spinach outbreaks processed.
Then add grated carrots and beets and raw also ripe tomatoes, shredded lettuce, julienned very thin, cooked chard or spinach, chopped but thicker. Finally, add the remaining vegetables. As for the fruit must start with the softer, peeled and cooked and consumed (apple, pear, peach, quince and apricot) and then eaten raw and grated, or in syrup diet. Then include the rest, raw and unfettered. As for cereals is recommended to start with cookies and breads, and then add cooked rice and beans, soaked and cooked (at the beginning and then pureed whole). At this point the organism is able to absorb more fibers, therefore can be added, beginning with 1 tsp. and up to no more than 2 tbsp. daily, wheat bran or oat. The entire process of incorporation of fiber can lead, depending on the amount of fiber that is tolerated initially, between 2 weeks and 2 months.

Substituting buy some food healthier

To follow this diet should keep in mind how to replace foods “fattening” by containing fibers. Forget the white bread and let us run behind or whole wheat bread. Let alone the soda crackers and we stretch his hand on the supermarket shelf to the bran. After a dignified farewell to the egg noodles, let us fans of grain noodles. Forget the mashed potatoes-and-babies are not and opt for a super stringy spinach or pumpkin puree. Let the custard and ice cream is eaten by people with less mettle than us and when we order dessert at the restaurant, say automatically: fresh fruit salad. Forget solving a garrison with a potato and egg salad, corn or peas and be firm in our convictions and impose the salad leaves, rich in fibers.


Fasting: Juice of 2 oranges.

Breakfast: Coffee with skim milk and sweetener and 1 toasted rye bread with 1 tbsp. white cheese.

Lunch: Homemade soup of grated vegetables, cheese and broccoli pudding (see recipe) and 1 yogurt with 1 tbsp. of bran sticks.

Snack: Cappuccino with sweetener and 1 stick of grain.
pm Snack: 1 slice of fresh pineapple or melon.

Dinner: Soup with 1 tbsp. bran, 1 part of sole served with panache of zucchini, cabbage, spinach and green beans, oranges and kiwi salad with 1 tbsp. white cheese whipped with sweetener and vanilla essence.


Fasting: Juice of 1 grapefruit.

Breakfast: tea with skim milk and sweetener and 2 cookies with 1 tablespoon of bran. Dietary orange marmalade.

Lunch: homemade tomato soup blended with 1 tbsp. bran, colored pudding (see recipe) and 1/2 grapefruit with sweetener.

Snack: 1 low fat yogurt with 30 g of bran sticks.
pm Snack: 1 orange.

Dinner: vegetable soup, chopped, 1/4 grilled chicken without skin, flavored with herbs, served with grated green apple salad, grated carrot, some Gajitos grapefruit flavored nonfat yogurt mixed with orange juice and lemon and 1 gelatin diet with fruit.


Fasting: Juice of 2 oranges.

Breakfast: mate with milk and sweetener and 2 rice cakes with 1 tbsp. skim ricotta.

Lunch: Homemade soup of vegetables, 1/2 stuffed squash with 1/2 cup canned corn, 30 g of mozzarella, 1 slice of prosciutto and defatted chopped 1/2 cup white sauce prepared without butter (such as the fennel gratin), fresh pear compote 1 and 2 sweetened dried plums.

Snack: 1 skim milk smoothie with 3 peaches apricots cooked with sweetener.

Snack in the afternoon: 1 salad Fresh fruit without sugar.

Dinner: soup with 1 tbsp. bran, 1 grilled steak salad with white celery, bell pepper, julienned oil, artichoke hearts, cooked mushrooms, green apple flavored with grated 1 tsp. diet mayonnaise, plain yogurt, 1 pinch of mustard, salt and pepper. 1 orange.


Fasting: Juice of 2 tangerines.

Breakfast: coffee with skim milk and sweetened bran 1 slice toast with 1 tbsp. dietary strawberry jam.

Lunch: pureed fresh pea soup, 1 cup beans measured once cooked with tomato sauce made without oil and bits of cooked vegetables and 2 peach halves in syrup diet.

Snack: 1 skim potecito cultured milk with 3 tbsp. of müslix. Snack in the afternoon: 1 carrot, raw celery and white.

Dinner: soup with 1 tbsp. bran, 1 post of grilled salmon salad with lemon and pineapple in syrup diet, proficient tomatoes, oranges, celery and 1 tbsp. salsa golf diet. 1 low fat yogurt fruity.


Fasting: Juice of 1 grapefruit.

Breakfast: tea with sweetener and skim milk 2 whole-grain crackers with 1 tbsp. white cheese.

Lunch: soup pureed pumpkin and 1/2 cup brown rice mixed with a pot of vegetables (carrots, mushrooms, green beans, Brussels sprouts and tomato sauce diet). 1 bergamot.

Snack: 1 cappuccino and 1 bar sweetened whole grain.

Collation pm: 1 low fat yogurt.

Dinner: soup with 1 tbsp. brewer’s yeast, 1 chicken supreme pie with egg and baked bran Teflon salad with raw spinach, cauliflower, radish, egg and seasoned with 1 tsp. oil, 1 tbsp. cottage cheese, salt and pepper. Fresh pineapple.


Fasting: Juice of 2 oranges.

Breakfast: mate tea with skim milk and 2 sweetened puffed wheat crackers with 1 tbsp. plum jam diet.

Lunch: soup julienne vegetables, fennel gratin with white sauce made with 1/2 cup skim milk which has been dissolved 1 tsp. of flour and no added fat (all cooked by boiling), mozzarella and fresh basil. Applesauce and apricots without sugar.

Snack: tea with lemon and sweetener and 1 piece of cake diet (see recipes).
Collation pm: gelatin diet with chopped fruit.

Dinner: liquefied carrot soup with 1 tbsp. bran, 1 slice of lean baked peceto salad with julienned red cabbage, shredded carrots, peppers, lettuce Creole boiled endive and beet. Aspic dietary mandarin.


Fasting: Juice of 1 grapefruit.

Breakfast: coffee with skim milk with sweetener and 1 whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp. of cottage.

Lunch: pureed vegetable soup, meatloaf and cabbage (see recipe), 1 orange salad stuffed with pineapple, grated apple and lowfat vanilla yogurt.

Snack: tea with skim milk sweetened with 2 rice cakes with 1 tbsp. Dietary flavor raspberry jam.

Collation of the evening: 3 plum compote without sugar.

Dinner: soup with 1 tbsp. oat bran, 1 tomato stuffed with shrimp and kani kama, corn, lettuce, cooked carrots, celery, 1 tbsp. diet mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Fresh fruit salad with sweetener.