Hydroxycut review

What is Hydroxycut Hardcore? 

Hydroxycut hardcore is a fat burner in the form of ‘liquitech’ capsules. is designed to burn excess fat, to aid weight loss using a blend of ingredients, all included for their fat burning and metabolism boosting properties. Hydroxycut Hardcore is available without prescription, from various online retailers and is popular amongst body builders.

How does it work?
Each capsule contains a blend of:
Adenoclene: Made from Yerba mate and Guarana and used as a stimulant.
Lipidrol: A caffeine based product, also used for its stimulating effect.
Norepididrive: Contains Damiana which is usually used  as an aphrodisiac and to stimulate digestion
Capsicore: Contains Cayenne which is used for its stimulant and metabolism boosting properties.
Hydroxycut Hardcore claims that these ingredients when combined, burn body fat. The liquid capsules allegedly allow the drug to work straight away as they are more easily absorbed by the body.
Side Effects
Side effects are typical of similar stimulant based medications and usually include:
Difficulty in focusing on task
Respiratory problems
Increased bowel movements in unusual colours
Extreme Nausea
Increased heart rate
Embarrassing amounts of sweating
Loss of appetite
Firstly, it is clear that anyone that suffers from caffeine sensitivity should not even consider taking Hydroxycut Hardcore or any similar diet pills, as this will result in harmful side effects, which will at the very least leave users with a painful headache and at worst, could potentially result in users having difficulty in breathing or experiencing heart problems.
Another side effect which has been brought up frequently in customer reviews has been the change in stool colour which tends to range from red and purple and can be alarming for users.
Some users have also complained that they did not get the results they were expecting and had minimal or no weight loss at all which should have users questioning whether the product actually works. It has been noted that exercise is a must when using this product to achieve any effect on weight loss
In conclusion, as a weight loss product, Hydroxycut Hardcore could be classed as rather mediocre, with below average results and an extensive list of side effects. Users would probably experience greater benefits by following a healthy eating plan incorporated with a regular exercise regime. This would not only eliminate the issue of side effects but would also solve the problem of the expense of weight loss pills. It is also recommended that customers should seek their doctor’s advice before embarking on any weight loss regime, particularly if the weight loss regime involves pills such as Hydroxycut Hardcore.