Changing Habits and weight loss

You decided to lose or gain. Now it’s time to eliminate some habits that can undermine its purpose and to incorporate others. gain or lose weight depends largely on our attitude toward food. How to choose food, time devoted to food, the ability to incorporate healthy habits and to benefit our bodies with physical activity may be critical for final goodbyes to the extra kilos. In this note we find the keys necessary to reach desired shape.

Habits with long-term effect

Always be seated at the table, especially when it comes caloric foods. Since we decided to splurge is important to spend the time and space it deserves. If you eat fast, at the end, the desire to eat something good will intact. Take the dishes served at the table. with the fountain in front of you will be more difficult to control. Allocate one place to eat and avoid leaving food near the bed or chairs. The extended desktop or family gatherings can be more relaxed without tempting foods in between. To lose 5 kilos in a year without dieting should only take about 100 calories of food daily. To do replace the crescent of toast and breakfast for double savings change a piece of pie with ham and cheese for one of pascualina. are often retain fluid that appear to be extra kilos. To remove them avoid foods that pose a strain on your liver, for example, coffee and sugar included in the bakery and confectionery. On the contrary, increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, water and perform physical activity.

You can also use herbal blends naturally to eliminate fluid retention, but before adopting consult your doctor to rule out organic causes.

Write down everything you eat. In this way achieve awareness of what is put in your mouth and you can also plan calorie meals, consuming sporadically.

Every 15 days or measure despite what you eat. So remember exactly appropriate and will prevent the passage of time becomes a half portion.

Never skip breakfast. It is a good way to burn calories from the early hours of the day.

Move more. The best way to lose weight is to increase caloric expenditure and that is enough to take a walk every day, climbing stairs or doing housework more movement. Another option is to adopt a dog: it is cheaper to hire a personal trainer and force her to take him out several times a day.
Play with your children can also be a great way to burn calories. Regain skates, cycling and dancing.

Avoid using the car to go anywhere, for example, to make everyday purchases. Go walking and if you travel by bus get off two stops early. All eat, I
do not need to isolate or force the family to diet with you. With some tricks you can enjoy delicious meals with fewer calories.

If you prepare potato pie for the whole family, do it without oil and reserve the power sector to cover it with mashed potatoes instead of squash.

Prepare various garrisons to accompany a main course. For example, if you made a roast chicken accompany it with pieces of pumpkin, peppers, onions and potatoes for the rest of the family.

When you decide to enjoy a plate of pasta, remember that you can lower your calorie when accompanied with a sauce made without fats and some vegetables sauteed with vegetable spray and drops of broth. Of course, avoid serving with grated cheese.

In preparing pizza is not exceeded with the cheese and use for fresh sliced tomatoes covered, desflemadas onions, roasted peppers and a small amount of grated skim Mozzarella. If you plan to use some prefer the lean ham cold cuts.

If you have ice cream outside the home prefer those prepared using water and fruit instead of cream, which have twice the calories.

Goodbye to hunger pangs

Drink plenty of fluids during the day. At least two liters. This will not only serve to hydrate, but also help you lose weight, and that often confuse hunger and thirst. Also has a place in the stomach that could be occupied, if not, higher-calorie foods.
While cooking please have a cup of hot vegetable soup, pickles, celery sticks, carrot sticks, diced tomatoes with basil and green apple. So leave aside the habit of proving what kitchen.
Fiber provides a feeling of fullness. So, include vegetables or bread in their lunches or breakfasts.
To avoid temptation while you prepare the snack for the kids, instead of baking cakes or puddings, buy facts and thus only need to cut them or serve them.
Talking about what you can not eat just give you more hungry. That food is not your only topic of conversation.
Upon arriving home after a day’s work put the water to drink hot soup and take a shower. When you leave you will forget about the idea of pouncing on the refrigerator to eat anything without thinking.
Eat something before you go shopping, because it is very difficult to choose good and not be tempted with sweets or snacks.
A light soup or salad before the meal leaves will help reduce the appetite and the amount of food you eat then.
No more promises to never touch a gingerbread or cake. Make it a reasonable limit of one or two times a week to include some small portion of these foods.
For times when you desperately need something sweet always keep in the fridge to eat gelatin diet alone or mixed with chopped fruit, yogurt or light cream same flavor.
That a food is considered low in fat does not mean you can eat unlimited. If you eat a super bowl of mashed pumpkin not lose weight. Instead, with a small serving of mashed potatoes, taste and will be thinner.
Shopping Smart. Make a list of everything you need to buy. So walk as little as possible between the shelves. Stop, however, to the fresh produce to appreciate the station and the newest will be used to vary their diet.
Always read the package labels. This allows you to choose lighter foods, for example, low-fat mayonnaise, light sausage, biscuits and cheese calorie diet.
Choice cuts of meat that are more meager: buttock ball back, peceto, loin and rump. With them you can prepare all kinds of recipes, including roasted or kabobs with meat and vegetables. If you buy prepared foods and costs controlled, always carry small amounts of less than one kilo.
Eating Out

If you have to be many hours without eating, eat a good amount of liquid, low-fat yogurt and smoothies. Will be less hungry and will not be thinking about what you will eat later.

When you feel like eating something fattening, share portion and accompany with salad, panache of vegetables or palm with lemon. For dessert choose from a cup of strawberries with a little cream, a baked apple with Marsala or a fruit salad.

Prefer Arabic bread sandwiches with plenty of vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, fresh or pickled cucumbers and arugula. Instead of fatty meats choose lean roast turkey, smoked tenderloin, lean ham or cold meats such as chicken, turkey, or pastrón peceto.

In the kiosks can buy low-fat yogurt, fruit salads or cereal bars low in fat. You can also eat a sausage without the bread or confectionery ordered in a fruit smoothie and water or milk without sugar.

If you bring food from home wrap rolls of ham or cheese sticks. In a bowl, take pieces of apple sprinkled with lemon juice to pump that will serve the hungry mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

Healthier cooking methods

Change the oil spray nonstick vegetable and use containers to minimize fat intake.
In baked dishes add a cup of broth mixed with equal amounts of red or white wine. Avoid the use of oil and the end result will be more rich and light.
The cooking salt is another method you can employ to avoid fat in baked goods.
Wrap in waxed paper food or aluminum. Have much more flavor.
Another option is marinated: Leave the meat for a day in a mixture of vinegar and wine with herbs or spices. Store in a covered container in the refrigerator.
Replace each egg by two clear. Reduce the amount of fat without altering the final result.
Remove skin from chicken before cooking and to prevent the meat from drying out cover with apple slices or slices of lean ham.
One way is to prepare food defatted some of them one day in advance. Thus the fat solidifies and can be removed easily before heating.
To give good flavor to food without exaggerating the use of oils, creams and butters add herbs and spices. This will give you different flavors in one dish.
When selecting vegetables for a salad remember that leaf, tomatoes, cabbage and grated zucchini with half the calories of carrots, beets, hearts of palm and squash. So you can eat twice as the first without fear of gaining weight.
Special occasions and parties

If you get people to dinner place a tray with flowers and fruits in the center of the table. This allows you to divert your attention from other foods to serve.

Eat little alcohol and prefer cider, dry champagne or light wines and beers. Remember that the more sweet or more alcohol drinks are, the more calories will.

When serving add a chopped cherry tomatoes, mushrooms with garlic and parsley, palmettos, pickles, celery sticks and raw carrots, cubed meats, skim and paddle lean cheeses. You can avoid the sticks, chips and other ingredients super caloric.

Do not fast before going to a party or schedule a subsequent fast tacitly giving permission to eat all at the meeting. Have a lunch and a light snack before the occasion.

Once at the party, such as early trays, since it is impossible to get something that is lightweight and also once began to eat bread is impossible to contain with other foods. Choose cheeses and cold cuts instead and salads if any. Remove the sauce and check the fittings for the main course. Eat moderately to treat yourself and be able to choose a small portion of dessert.
n If exceeded discard the fast food. The fruit, yogurt and lots of fluids will serve to clean the inside.

Shrink calorie replacements

Start with a gradual replacement in your regular recipes and you can save hundreds of calories. The results will be soon.

Replace the oil as salad dressing with a mixture of nonfat plain yogurt, mustard, salt, pepper and a dash of mayonnaise diets. This saves the amount of calories equivalent to a gingerbread or a bite of sweet milk.

Choosing a product of fewer calories you can afford to replace the difference in calories with food that you miss. Every 100 grams of dietary mayonnaise you save the equivalent of one serving of spaghetti with sauce and grated cheese.

For dessert, change the Chantilly cream for low fat cottage cheese beaten with sugar or sweetener and vanilla essence.

The white sauce can be prepared with skim milk mixed with little starch, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Left with the same consistency and as rich as the traditional one.

Prepare frozen drinks with low calorie cream and sprinkle with flaked unsweetened popcorn. As a low fat yogurt sauce mix drops of their liquor and cocoa preferred diet.

“Stretch” foods. Not the same eating a piece of cheese from 50 to 60 g that seems insignificant gratinarlo grate over the vegetables. The same happens with 200 g of beef, which can be a bifecito or transformed into a hearty meal when paired with vegetables in a saucepan.

Take the dishes served at the table. With the source in front of you will be more difficult to

If you have an ice cream with his family, prefer those prepared using water and fruit instead of cream with twice as many calories.

Fiber provides a feeling of fullness. So, include vegetables or bread in their lunches or breakfasts.

Eat something before you go shopping, because it is very difficult to choose good and not be tempted with sweets or snacks.