Chitosan pills review

When considering your weight loss supplement options, you must carefully review each product and read what weight loss experts say about the product before you use it.
Not just will you then be able to make an informed selection regarding the solution  that appears to be the best for your needs, but also prevent any side effects from a product that may actually harm your health.
And some products simply don’t have any  medical facts or evidence to suggest that they truly work. Or your hard money is wasted.
Chitosan is a diet product that contains extracts of shellfish like shrimp, crabs, and lobsters – any marine creature  using  difficult exo-skeletan  which is primarily composed of calcium just like your fingernails, toenails and hair.
The name “chitosan” is actually the biological name from the calcium-based chemical itself; it’s sold with this as being a brand(trademarked)name.
The chemical is certainly not a recently -find out  : it is a source of  fibre comparable to plant material that, for approximately 3 decennary , has been applied to ease the symptoms of constipation and bowel abnormality.  The companies of the supplement claim that it has wondrous abilities to attach itself to fat and cholesteral identified naturally in your stomach, and then dissolve it.
According to expert reviews of the supplement sold as Chitosan, it is not recommended as a weight loss aid.
Here is the truth about Chitosan:
There is certainly no medical prove that Chitosan is powerful being a fat loss aid. If this were so, you could chew your hair and nails to loss fat.
Previous to Chitosan was manufactured as a diet supplement for weight loss, its producers performed only clinical trials on animals – never on humans! Animal testing isn’t uncommon; for prescription drugs, the FDA requires animal testing before a product moves into clinical testing on humans.
Chitosan’s animal testing revealed a incredibly slight weight loss in the test subjects. Be aware, however, that there is no medical prove that this  product was actually caused by Chitosan! As we know, we can burn fat simply by eating less and exercising more – no supplement or drug of any kind is necessary.
Due to the fact the test animals lost fat while being given Chitosan, its manufacturers rushed it onto the public market and sold it strictly as a weight loss aid for humans with absolutely no proof to back up this claim. Because the FDA  doesn’t  approve or suggest over-the-counter items , no proof was necessary.

In 1999, the AOA(American Obesity Association) and a comparable European group performed an evaluation of Chitosan. What they discovered was astonishing: not just was Chitosan not useful in fat burning (weightloss), but it dissolves numerous on the body’s important vitamins and minerals and can induce an very dangerous (even fatal) reaction among those allergic to shellfish