Acai Berry review

The modest Acai berry has  been the subject of a  massive amount of attention in the media  recently due to its  health benefits.  Sadly,  the Acai has also  been the subject of criticism due to the massive number of scams related to AcaiBerry supplements,  that are being sold on the internet.

What are Acai berries?

These small berries are native to Brazil where it  have been in use for many years to  alleviate minor ailments and health conditions.  This berry is  rich in antioxidants and consist of 10% pulp and 90% seed.  The majority of the  valuable nutrients  contained in Acai berries are found in  the fruit’s skin and pulp.
Acai berries  is available  in different forms such as; supplements, frozen, freeze dried and in juices.
How do Acai berries aid weight loss?
Acai berries  may help customers to  shed pounds due to their  their ability to:
• Decrease appetite due to their high fiber content . This also limits snacking between meals.
• Increase muscle mass
• Increase metabolism,  also because of the high amounts of fiber.
What are the side effects of Acai berries?
Unwanted effects  will  depend on whether  Acaiberry users  take the  fruit in  pill or supplement form or in a natural form and usually include:
• Loose bowel movements
• Increased reaction to Bee stings.
• Unpredictable reactions when  taken with other  medicines or supplements.

What is the Acai Berry Scam?
Unscrupulous scamsters have been impressed bythe huge amount of media coverage  on the  health benefits of   Acai berries, and have engineered  methods to take  hundreds of dollars from  consumers.
The first important point to note is that,  the majority of the cheap brands of Acaiberry supplements use only Acai berry extract.  Consumers  may experience minimal effects from these cheaper products.
Also, a  large number of websites are offering  free Acai berry trials  for potential customers who  would like to  test out Acai berries. These sites use the tactic  of  giving the berries for free and charging only for the shipping costs. This encourages consumers to believe that they are receiving a great opportunity which simply isn’t true.
Dieters are unwittingly agreeing to an auto billed subscription which automatically takes payment from the customer and this  may be very difficult to cancel. The  Acai berry product they send is  usually low quality and in the  website’s  terms and conditions, customers will  realise that they can only cancel within 14 days of their order . This is supposed to be the ‘free trial’ , however  in | a large number of  occasions, the  free trial is not even shipped until those 14 days have passed  therefore,  consumers are  really charged for their so-called free product.